21 July 2009

Frozen Grapes 1 cup seedless grapes 1 ziplock baggy 1 freezer Measure the 1 cup grapes into a ziplock baggy and put in the freezer. Once they are frozen, eat and enjoy! 1 cup grapes = 0 PointsPlus
OK, so this is a snack that I've herd people mention a lot and I've never tried it because it just didn't sound that great. But yesterday I was reading a success story on weight watchers and the lady mentioned frozen grapes. I remembered that I had grapes in the fridge so I thought I would give it a try. I measured the grapes into a serving size just so I would know exactly how many points were in it. I had enough grapes to make three-one cup baggies. I put them in the freezer and anxiously waited for them to freeze. Later in the afternoon they were nice and frozen so I took out a baggy and enjoyed a one point snack...They were so yummy. They are like little round popsicles!


Jon and Janice said...

You nut, but I loved the idea. I read it to one guy and he said wouldn't it break your teeth :) Of course he has had 1000's of $$ spent on his teeth so that is the comment he makes all the time.
Love the ideas, now that I'm eating I'm going to try some of these yummy things. I just have to plan ahead so I can have GOOD stuff on hand. And then it's another thing to keep your Father on track, he is a crasher :)

Bean said...

That is what I thought...they'll be too hard and not fun to eat. It made my jaw hurt just to think of eating frozen grapes...BUT...it wasn't like that at all. Once you put one in your mouth it starts to soften...like a melting popsicle and then you can bite it and taste the yummy middle. You really should try them. They take a while to eat which is kind of fun too.